# Publications - Esther Seyffarth (2019). Modeling the Induced Action Alternation and the Caused-Motion Construction with Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) and Semantic Frames. In _Proceedings of CSTFRS - Computing Semantics with Types, Frames and Related Structures_, IWCS 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden. [[Paper]](https://aclweb.org/anthology/papers/W/W19/W19-1003/) [[Slides (pdf)]](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/201905_cstfrs.pdf) - Esther Seyffarth (2019). Identifying Participation of Individual Verbs or VerbNet Classes in the Causative Alternation. In _Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics: Vol. 2 , Article 16_. [[Paper (pdf)]](https://scholarworks.umass.edu/scil/vol2/iss1/16/) [[Poster (pdf)]](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/scil_poster.pdf) - Esther Seyffarth (2018). Verb Alternations and Their Impact on Frame Induction. In _Proceedings of the NAACL Student Research Workshop_, Association for Computational Linguistics. [[Paper (pdf)]](http://aclweb.org/anthology/N18-4003) [[Poster (pdf)]](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/naaclsrw_poster.pdf) - Tatiana Bladier, Esther Seyffarth, Oliver Hellwig, Wiebke Petersen (2018). AET: Web-based Adjective Exploration Tool for German. In _Proceedings of the 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC)_, Miyazaki, Japan. [[Paper (pdf)]](http://www.lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2018/pdf/194.pdf) [[Poster (pdf)]](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/lrec2018_AET_Bladier_Seyffarth_Hellwig_Petersen_Poster.pdf) [[Handout (pdf)]](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/lrec2018_AET_Bladier_Seyffarth_Hellwig_Petersen_Handout.pdf) # Additional Presentations ### Recent * Regularly repeated presentation: The Bachelor program for Computational Linguistics at Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf was introduced in October 2017. I regularly give presentations about our program for people interested in studying computational linguistics. One version of the slides for that talk is available [here](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/20180419_infotag.pdf). * December 2019: Invited talk at [xHain Hackspace](https://x-hain.de/de/post/2019-05-31_gespraech-unter-baeumen2/) in Berlin, Germany. The event was part of a series called "Gespräch unter Bäumen" and I talked about bots and art with my co-presenter, [Heike Seyffarth](https://phototio.com/). * October 2019: [20 Terrible Ways to Reverse a String](https://github.com/ojahnn/how-not-to-reverse-a-string) at [code.talks](https://www.codetalks.de/). The video is available [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK4hSk8ecaE). * March 2019: [DGfS Annual Conference](http://www.dgfs2019.uni-bremen.de/) in Bremen, Germany; presenting a version of my SCiL2019 work. ### 2018 * September 2018: Presentation of my ongoing PhD work at the NLP Reading Group at CUNY, hosted by Kyle Gorman. My talk was titled [*From Text to Frame Generation*](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/20180921_text_to_frame.pdf). * September 2018: Presentation at Todd Anderson's [*WordHack*](https://toddwords.com/wordhack/) at BabyCastles in NYC in September 2018. My talk was titled [*From Frame to Text Generation*](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/20180920_frame_to_text.pdf). ### 2017 * September 2017: Talk for my grad school colleagues to introduce distributional semantics: [Using Word Vectors: Commit (Semantic) Crimes With Both Direction and Magnitude!](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/VectorSemantics_Masterclass.pdf) * June 2017: Talk at RheinJUG (Java User Group) about computational linguistics, titled *Computerlinguistik = Sprachwissenschaft + Informatik + ???*. The talk was held in German. A video of the talk is available [here](http://mediathek.hhu.de/watch/6c365b55-0d11-40aa-bca2-9813024a2ae9). * March 2017: [Workshop on Twitter bots](http://www.letterkunde.ugent.be/en/agenda/1897) for BA students at the Department for German Language and Literature in Ghent, Belgium. I showed the participants [how to use bots as a means to interact with literature](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/bots_gent/). ### 2016 * November 2016: I spoke about Natural Language Processing and Bots at an [Open Source workshop at Cambridge University](http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~aac10/OSworkshop.html). I talked about how the creative bot community profits from open source NLP libraries and also gives back to the community by creating more open source tools for others to use. Here's a [writeup](https://medium.com/@ojahnn/nlp-for-bots-and-bots-for-nlp-1560efb8d0fd) of the things I said. * July 2016: I organized my own Unconference about bots, called "Let's talk about bots!" We talked about bots, art, trust, intelligence, responsibility and language. I wrote a [blog post with a protocol of the day](https://enigmabrot.de/blog/?id=236) (German). * June 2016: Presentation at WebWorker Ruhr about computational linguistics and bots, for an audience unfamiliar with but interested in the basics of the field of computational linguistics. My slides are available [here](http://enigmabrot.de/wwruhr/") (German). * May 2016: 30-minute talk at the OpenTechSchool Meetup in Dortmund, titled "What's wrong with bots?". I gave an introduction to bot ethics and presented different points of view that you can take when talking about bots. I really enjoyed that event and the discussions with the other participants afterwards! My slides are available [here](http://enigmabrot.de/otsdo/#/).