#Interests I enjoy writing text-generation bots that make up word forms or phrases following rules that seem ordinary at first glance, but turn out to be ridiculous when you take a closer look. Some of my favourite ones are [@Deutsch_Falsch](https://twitter.com/deutsch_falsch) and [@bot_in_world](https://twitter.com/bot_in_world). You can find an extensive list of my best bots on my [personal website](https://enigmabrot.de/projects/). I'm also fond of [oulipo.social](https://oulipo.social/@ojahnn), a Mastodon instantiation on which you can't say anything containing an "e". My favourite thing to do that has almost nothing to do with linguistics is bouldering (rope-free gym climbing). ![me climbing](BBB_small.png "climbing an overhang problem at BoulderBase Bremen, December 2017") Since I haven't been able to do any bouldering in over half a year, I've decided to model my favorite climbing gym in a 3d modeling software, for no particular reason other than being sad about not climbing. I recently participated in a [performance](https://19.re-publica.com/de/sideevent/t-techniktagebuch-too-long-did-read) that involved [printing a community blog on everyday technology use](https://techniktagebuch.tumblr.com/post/184736163382/20-m%C3%A4rz-bis-8-mai-2019) on tractor-feed paper and reading it out loud for three days straight at the re:publica conference in Berlin (2019). ![me reading](TT_small.jpg "me reading from a sheet of tractor-feed paper as Markus Winninghoff untangles what I've already read")