#Events This is a list of many of the events I have attended in the past few years. My plans for upcoming events are also listed here. ## Upcoming events <!--* nothing particular planned right now!--> * December 2019: I'm talking at [xHain Hackspace](https://x-hain.de/de/post/2019-05-31_gespraech-unter-baeumen2/) in Berlin, Germany. The event is part of a series called "Gespräch unter Bäumen" and I will be talking about bots and art with my co-presenter, [Heike Seyffarth](https://phototio.com/). * October 2019: I'm giving a presentation at [code.talks](https://www.codetalks.de/home) ("Germany's Largest Developer Conference") in Hamburg, Germany. My talk is titled [_20 Terrible Ways to Reverse a String_](https://www.codetalks.de/speakers#talk-671?event=5). * October 2019: I'm giving a talk in Berlin, Germany, in the first installation of a new series on digital literature called [_The Word Electric_](https://www.lettretage.de/programm/aktuelles-programm/?event_id1=8589). Fun fact: This series is modeled after Todd Anderson's _Word Hack_ in New York, where I've also given a talk in the past! ## Past events * Google NLP Summit 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. * May 2019: [IWCS](https://sites.google.com/view/iwcs2019/home) in Gothenburg, Sweden, presenting my latest work in the [CSTFRS Workshop](https://sites.google.com/view/cstfrsworkshop/home). * May 2019: [re:publica](https://19.re-publica.com/de) in Berlin, Germany. I performed in a session that attempted to [summarize all of Moby Dick in 30 minutes](https://19.re-publica.com/de/sideevent/b-fast-possible-moby-dick-30-minuten). Here's a [repo with our zine and slides (German)](https://github.com/ojahnn/mobydickin30minutes). * March 2019: [DGfS Annual Conference](http://www.dgfs2019.uni-bremen.de/) in Bremen, Germany; presenting a version of my SCiL2019 work. * January 2019: [SCiL in NYC](https://blogs.umass.edu/scil/scil-2019/call-2019/) (co-located with LSA 2019), presenting my PhD work. * September 21, 2018: [Computational Linguistics Reading Group at CUNY, NYC](https://www.gc.cuny.edu/Page-Elements/Academics-Research-Centers-Initiatives/Doctoral-Programs/Linguistics/Reading-Groups), presenting [*From Text to Frame Generation*](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/20180921_text_to_frame.pdf). * September 20, 2018: [WordHack at Babycastles, NYC](https://toddwords.com/wordhack/), presenting [*From Frame to Text Generation*](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/presentations/20180920_frame_to_text.pdf). * [NAACL 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana](http://naacl2018.org/). Poster presentation ([SRW](https://naacl2018-srw.github.io/)) * [\*SEM 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana](https://sites.google.com/view/starsem2018/home). I presented my colleagues' poster (Kallmeyer et al.: _Coarse Lexical Frame Acquisition at the Syntax–Semantics Interface Using a Latent-Variable PCFG Model._) * [LREC 2018 in Miyazaki, Japan](http://lrec2018.lrec-conf.org/en/). See my [publications](https://user.phil.hhu.de/~seyffarth/talksandpubs.html) page for our paper, poster and handout. * [DGfS-CL Fall School 2017](http://cl-fallschool2017.phil.hhu.de/) in Düsseldorf, Germany. * [LxMLS 2017](http://lxmls.it.pt/2017/) in Lisbon, Portugal. * [Open Source and NLP workshop at Cambridge Computer Laboratory](http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~aac10/OSworkshop.html), Cambridge, UK, November 2016. * [ESSLLI 2016](http://esslli2016.unibz.it/) in Bolzano, Italy. * [BotSummit 2016](http://tinysubversions.com/botsummit/2016/), London, UK, April 2016. * [PyUnconf 2015](https://python-verband.org/news/pyunconf-2015), Hamburg, Germany. * [PythonCamp 2015](https://python-verband.org/news/pythoncamp-2015) in Cologne, Germany. * [clunc 2015](https://www.clunc.eu/en), Stuttgart, Germany. * [clunc 2014](https://www.clunc.eu/en), Stuttgart, Germany.