The Knight's TaleThe Miller's TaleThe Reeve's TaleThe Cook's TaleThe Man of Law's TaleThe Wife of Bath's TaleThe Friar's TaleThe Summoner's TaleThe Clerk's TaleThe Merchant's TaleThe Squire's TaleThe Franklin's TaleThe Physician's TaleThe Pardoner's TaleThe Prioress's TaleThe Shipman's TaleChucer's Tale of Sir ThopasThe Monk's TaleThe Nun's Priest's TaleThe Second Nun's TaleThe Canon's Yeoman's TaleThe Manciple's TaleThe Parson's Tale

The miniatures are arranged according to the order of the tales as they are proposed in the Robinson Edition and The Riverside Chaucer. The images are similar to those which can be found in the Ellesmere Manuscript.

The names of the navigation buttons are the standard abbreviations of the individual tales as they are used by the HyperBibliography of Middle English and the Middle English Dictionary.

Miniatures: Tales
The Tales
General Prologue
Knight's Tale
Miller's Tale
Reeve's Tale
Cook's Tale
Man of Law's Tale
 Wife of Bath's Tale
Friar's Tale
Summoner's Tale
Clerk's Tale
Merchant's Tale
Squire's Tale
Franklin's Tale
Physician's Tale
Pardoner's Tale
Shipman's Tale
Prioress's Tale
Tale of Sir Thopas
Tale of Melibee
Monk's Tale
Nun's Priest's Tale
Second Nun's Tale
Canon's Yeoman's Tale
Manciple's Tale
Parson's Tale
Chaucer's Retractions