Chauntecleer is the splendid cock to seven hens on a poor widow's farmyard. One night the cock has a terrible nightmare about a fox. His favourite hen, Dame Pertelote, explains to him that dreams have no forbearing at all and recommends a laxative. Chauntecleer quotes a number of authorities who say the contrary. In the meantime, a cunning fox, Daun Russel, lurks near the yard. He succeeds in outwitting the cock by asking him to sing him a song. The cock closes his eyes and the fox seizes him carrying him away to the wood. There is hue and cry on the yard and the widow and the other animals take up the pursuit. Chauntecleer suggests to the fox to stop for a minute and shout some insults at his pursuers. The fox does so and the cock is free flying into a tree.

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The Nun's Priest's Tale