The drunken Miller insists on telling the next tale instead of the monk 'to quite the Knyghtes tale':

The old Oxford carpenter, John, has a young wife, Alison, who is courted by two lovers, Nicholas, the scholar lodging in their house, and Absalon, the foppy parish clerk, whom she detests. Nicholas persuades John to spend the night in three tubs in the attic because of the coming deluge. When John is sleeping, the two lovers go to the downstairs chamber to make love. But Absalon disturbs them with his singing for a kiss. Alison puts her arse through the window and farts. Absalon realises what he is kissing and runs away. Later he returns again demanding a kiss. Nicholas puts his arse out and gets it burnt with a red-hot iron. He cries for water and John cuts the ropes of the tubs.

The Miller's Tale