Wisdom is a morality play in 1163 lines. The text is completely preserved in the Macro manuscript and in incomplete form (lines 1-752) in MS Digby 133. Wisdom (also known as Mind, Will and Understanding or Wisdom, who is Christ) describes Lucifer's seduction of Mind, Will, and Understanding.

Wisdom, who appears as Christ the King, declares the power of divine love and teaches Anima the significance of her black and white garments: the soul is the image of God but has been disfigured by Adam's offence; it has reason but also a potentially corrupting sensuality. Anima is then joined by the Five Wits of the Soul and by the Three Mights - Mind, Understanding, and Will. Wisdom explains that the Mights enable the soul to know the three persons of God and to have faith, hope, and charity. Nevertheless, Lucifer is later on able to suggest sin to Mind, bring Understanding to delight in sin, and gain the consent of Will. His specious arguments actually lead Mind to pride, Understanding to covetousness, and Will to lust. The Mights and their retainers delight in maintenance, perjury, and lechery - vices associated both with the devil, world, and flesh. But Wisdom inspires contrition by bringing forth Anima dressed "fowlere than a fende" with the seven devils of deadly sin under her mantle. While Wisdom preaches the nine points of virtue, Anima and her Mights retire to receive the sacrament of penance, finally reappearing to celebrate their reformation through grace.