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Some Talks & Presentations

    2019d.’Causational Interpretation based on Immediate and General Common Ground Frames.’ (with R.D. Van Valin, Jr.) Paper read at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 15, 10. August 2019, Nishinomiya, Japan.
    2019c. Theme session introduction: “Causation in discourse and cognition: Crosslinguistic perspectives” (together with Kawachi, K., Bohnemeyer J.). International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 15, 10. August 2019, Nishinomiya, Japan.
    2019b.’Discourse-pragmatic and other prominence factors in argument realization.’ (with R.D. Van Valin, Jr.) Conference paper to be read at the 16th International Pragmatics Conference, 9-14 June 2019, Hongkong.
    2019a. ‘Specificational predication and cleft-constructions in Tagalog (Japanese and Hungarian).’ Invited talk at Syntax Colloquium, Goethe University Frankfurt, 15. January 2019.
    2018d. ‘Information Packaging, Discourse Structure and Rhetorical Relations.’ Paper read at Information Structure in Spoken Language Corpora 3: Discourse and Information Structure , Münster, 7-8. December 2018 .
    2018c. ‘Discourse prominence, event prominence and grammatical variation.’ Paper read at ICPL, Cologne, 25. June 2018.
    2018b. (with K. Balogh & R.D. Van Valin, Jr.) ‘Definiteness, specificity and article systems.’ Introductory talk given at the DGfS Workshop on Definiteness, Specificity and article systems , Stuttgart, 7-9. March 2018.
    2018a.’Specificational predication and clefting in Tagalog (and Japanese).’ Talk at First Workshop on Clefts and related focus constructions, Paris, 14-16. February 2018.
    2017e. ‘Information-structural prominence and argument realization.’ Talk at First Workshop on the Interface of Information Structure and Argument Structure , Sevilla, 25-27. November 2017.
    2017d. (with J. Fleischhauer) ‘Morphology & RRG: asymmetric DAM.’ Talk given at Robert D. Van Valin, Jr’s Retirement Colloquium, Düsseldorf, 30.September 2017.
    2017c. (with L. Berio, R.D. Van Valin, Jr. & G. Vosgerau) ‘The role of immediate and general common ground in grammar and meaning.’ Talk at CONTEXT 2017, Paris, 20-23. June 2017.
    2017b. ‘Voice selection, inversions, discourse structure and at-issueness considerations in Tagalog.’ Invited Talk given at LingDy Forum Questions under Discussion in Austronesian corpus data, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies: Reasearch Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, 27. May 2017.
    2017a. (with K. Balogh & R.D. Van Valin, Jr.) ‘Additive particles and information structure coding across languages.’, Talk at the Workshop on Not-at-Issue meaning and Information Structure, University of Oslo, 8–10. May 2017.
    2016c. (with K. Balogh). ‘Marked morphosyntactic constructions: a crosslinguistic study on the constraints and triggers.’, Talk at the Cognitive Structures Conference: Linguistic, Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives Conference (CoSt),Düsseldorf, 15-17 September 2016.
    2016b. (with R. D. Van Valin, Jr.) ‘Understanding construction choice in Tagalog.’, Talk at the 26th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS26), Manila, 26-28. May 2016.
    2016a. ‘Word order choices, information structure and the common ground in Tagalog.’, Invited Talk at The Third International Workshop on Information Structure of Austronesian languages , Tokyo, 18-20. February 2016.
    2015b (with R.D. Van Valin, Jr.) ‘A Role and Reference Grammar account of aspects of the information structure – syntax interface in Tagalog.’, Paper read at the Role and Reference Grammar Conference 2015, Düsseldorf, 31.July – 1. August 2015.
    2015a. ‘Lexical decomposition beyond thematic roles and aspectual classes.’, Paper read at the 13th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics, Taiwan Academica Sinica, 18-23. July 2015.
    2014b. ‘Morphological cues for the necessity of richer lexical decompositions.’, Talk given at the International Symposium on Verbs, Clauses and Constructions , Logroño, 26-28. October 2014.
    2014a. ‘Elaborate voice systems as a window into lexical frames.’, Talk given at the CTF’14 , Düsseldorf, 25-27. August 2014.
    2013b. ‘Information structure and grammaticalization in Tagalog.’, Invited Talk at the 1st International Conference on Cross-linguistic perspectives on Information Structure in Austronesian Languages, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 13-15. December 2013.
    2013a. ‘Referential properties, event structure and the syntax-semantics interface.’, Paper read at the 6th Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics conference, London SOAS, 25. May 2013.
    2012. ‘Shifting Perspectives: argument marking and the semantics-pragmatics interface.’, Paper read at 12th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (ICAL), Bali, 3-6. July 2012.
    2010.(with R. Osswald & J. Fleischhauer) ‘Decomposition Beyond Event Templates.’, Paper read at the Colloque international “Representations de l’evenement”, Paris Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, 28-30. October 2010.
    2009d. ‘Levels of prominence and voice marker selection.’, Paper read at the 11th International Conference on Austronesian Languages (ICAL), Aussois, 22-26. June 2009.
    2009c. (with S. Lambert) ‘An RRG approach to German resultative constructions.’, Conference on Role and Reference Grammar , California: Berkely, 7-9. August 2009.
    2009b. (with R. Osswald) ‘Semantic representation and complement realization: the case of remember revisited.’ Conference on Role and Reference Grammar , California: Berkely, 7-9. August 2009.
    2009a. (with R. Osswald & R. D. Van Valin, Jr.) ‘Semantic Factors in Linking Propositional Arguments.’, DGfS-Jahrestagung, Osnabrück, 4-6. March 2009



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