Research Interests

  • Information structure & discourse structure 

  • Common Ground & sentence understanding 

  • Transculturality

  • Hate speech & censorship

  • Lexical semantics & morphological complexity

  • Tagalog (Austronesian languages), Japanese, French, Hungarian, Lakota, Tigrinya, Korean

Research Project:


Upcoming Events

  • Introduction to Discourse and Information Structure ,  Phd course, 11–12. May 2021, Oslo, Norway. 
  • Studying Information Structure  in an Austronesian language,  Phd course, 11–12. May 2021, Oslo, Norway. 
  • Theories of transculturality (Focus on Hate Speech & Censorship), BA course, SS 2021, HHU Düsseldorf.
  • Information Structure in Spoken Language Corpora 4: The role of discourse type and and rhetorical relations , 20.-21. July 2020 , Düsseldorf, Germany. – POSTPONED DUE TO THE PANDEMIC 

Recent Events

  • ‘Causation in Discourse and Cognition’, Workshop at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 15, 6-11 August 2019, Nishinomiya, Japan (organized with Kazuhiro Kawachi and Jürgen Bohnemeyer). WEBSITE
  • ‘Causational Interpretation based on Immediate and General Common Ground Frames.’ (with R.D. Van Valin, Jr.), Paper to be read at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 15, 10. August 2019, Nishinomiya, Japan.



Heinrich-Heine Universität

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