Fitt I (Stanzas 1-21; Vv. 1-490):

  • Introduction: Story of Troy
  • The New Year's feast at Camelot
    • description of the feast
    • enter Green Knight
    • Green Knight challenges the Round Table
    • Gawain cuts off the Knights head
    • exit Green Knight

Fitt II (Stanzas 22-45; Vv. 491-1125):

  • Gawain stays at Arthur's court till November
  • Feast for Gawain on All Saints' Day
  • Preparation for the journey
    • armour and pentagram (endele" knotte)
  • journey through North Wales
  • guest at Bertilak's castle
    • Christmas festivities
    • Bertilak and Gawain agree to exchange spoils at the following three days:

Fitt III (Stanzas 46-79; Vv. 1126-1997):

  • 1st hunt (deer)  - 1st temptation (one kiss)
  • 2nd hunt (boar) - 2nd temptation (two kisses)
  • 3rd hunt (fox)     - 3rd temptation (magic girdle)
  • Gawain's failure: keeps green girdle

Fitt IV (Stanzas 80-101; Vv. 1997-2530):

  • New Year: Gawain sets off for the Chapel
  • beheading scene: Green Knight reveals his identity and Morgan Le Fay's plan
  • Gawain returns ashamed to Camelot
  • the court excuses Gawain and they all will wear a green girdle as a token
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