MERCY. The very fownder and begynner of owr fyrst creacyon
002  Amonge ws synfull wrechys he oweth to be magnyfyde,
003  žat for owr dysobedyenc he hade non indygnacyon
004  To sende hys own son to be torn and crucyfyede.
005  Owr obsequyouse seruyce to hym xulde be aplyede,
006  Where he was lorde of all and made all thynge of nought,
007  For že synnfull synnere to hade hym revyude
008  And for hys redempcyon sett hys own son at nought.

009  Yt may be seyde and veryfyede, mankynde was dere bought.
010  By že pytuose deth of Jhesu he had hys remedye.
011  He was purgyde of hys defawte žat wrechydly hade wrought
012  By hys gloryus passyon, žat blyssyde lauatorye.
013  O souerence, I beseche yow yowr condycyons to rectyfye
014  Ande wyth humylite and reuerence to haue a remocyon
015  To žis blyssyde prynce žat owr nature doth gloryfye,
016  žat 3e may be partycypable of hys retribucyon.

017  I haue be že very mene for yowr restytucyon.
018  Mercy ys my name, žat mornyth for yowr offence.
019  Dyverte not yowrsylffe in tyme of temtacyon,
020  žat 3e may be acceptable to Gode at yowr goyng hence.
021  že grett mercy of Gode, žat ys of most preemmynence,
022  Be medyacyon of Owr Lady žat ys euer habundante
023  To že synfull creature žat wyll repent hys neclygence.
024  I prey Gode at yowr most nede žat mercy be yowr defendawnte.

025  In goode werkys I awyse yow, souerence, to be perseuerante
026  To puryfye yowr sowlys, žat žei be not corupte;
027  For yowr gostly enmy wyll make hys avaunte,
028  Yowr goode condycyons yf he may interrupte.
029  O 3e souerens žat sytt and 3e brothern žat stonde ryght wppe,
030  Pryke not yowr felycytes in thyngys transytorye.
031  Beholde not že erth, but lyfte yowr ey wppe.
032  Se how že hede že members dayly do magnyfye.
033  Who ys že hede forsoth I xall yow certyfye:
034  I mene Owr Sauyowr, žat was lykynnyde to a lambe;
035  Ande hys sayntys be že members žat dayly he doth satysfye
036  Wyth že precyose reuer žat runnyth from hys wombe.

037  Ther ys non such foode, be water nor by londe,
038  So precyouse, so gloryouse, so nedefull to owr entent,
039  For yt hath dyssoluyde mankynde from že bytter bonde
040  Of že mortall enmye, žat vemynousse serpente,
041  From že wyche Gode preserue yow all at že last jugement!
042  For sekyrly žer xall be a streyt examynacyon,
043  The corn xall be sauyde, že chaffe xall be brente.
044  I besech yow hertyly, haue žis premedytacyon.

045  MYSCHEFFE. I beseche yow hertyly, leue yowr calcacyon.
046  Leue yowr chaffe, leue yowr corn, leue yowr dalyacyon.
047  Yowr wytt ys lytyll, yowr hede ys mekyll, 3e are full of predycacyon.
048  But, ser, I prey žis questyon to claryfye:
049  Mysse-masche, dryff-draff,
050  Sume was corn and sume was chaffe,
051  Sume was corn and sume was Raffe;
052  Onschett yowr lokke and take an halpenye.

053  MERCY. Why com 3e hethyr, brožer? 3e were not dysyryde.
054  MYSCHEFF. For a wynter corn-threscher, ser, I haue hyryde,
055  Ande 3e sayde že corn xulde be sauyde and že chaff xulde be feryde,
056  And he prouyth nay, as yt schewth be žis werse:
057  "Corn seruit bredibus, chaffe horsibus, straw fyrybusque."
058  Thys ys as moche to say, to yowr leude wndyrstondynge,
059  As že corn xall serue to drede at že nexte bakynge.
060  "Chaff horsybus et reliqua,"
061  The chaff to horse xall be goode provente,
062  Whaen a man ys forcolde že straw may be brent,
063  And so forth, et cetera.

064  MERCY. Avoyde, goode brožer! 3e ben culpable
065  To interrupte thus my talkyng delectable.
066  MYSCHEFF. Ser, I haue nožer horse nor sadyll,
067  Therfor I may not ryde.
068  MERCY. Hye yow forth on fote, brother, in Godys name!
069  MYSCHEFF. I say, ser, I am cumme hedyr to make yow game.
070  3et bade me not go out in že deuyllys name
071  Ande I wyll abyde.

072  NEW GYSE. Ande how, mynstrellys, pley že comyn trace!
073  Ley on wyth ži ballys tyll bely breste!
074  NOUGHT. I putt case I breke my neke: how than?
075  NEW GYSE. I gyff no force, by Sent Tanne!
076  NOWADAYS. Leppe about lyuely! žou art a wyght man.
077  Lett ws be mery wyll we be here!
078  NOYGHT. Xall I breke my meke to schew yow sporte?
079  Therfor euer be ware of ži reporte.
080  NOUGHT. I beschrew ye all! Her ys a schrewde sorte.
081  Haue žeratt žen wyth a mery chere!
081a Her žei daunce. MERCY seyth:
082  Do wey, do wey žis reull, sers! do wey!
083  NOWADAYS. Do wey, goode Adam? do wey?
084  Thys ys no parte of ži pley.
085  NOUGHT. 3ys, mary, I prey yow, for I loue not žis rewelynge. 
086  Cum forth, goode fade, I yow prey!
087  Be a lytyll 3e may assay.
088  Anon of your wyth yowr clothes, 3f 3e wyll play.
089  Go to! for I haue hade a praty scottlynge.
090  MERCY. Nay, brother, I wyll not daunce.
091  NEW GYSE. Yf 3e wyll, ser, my brother wyll make yow to prawnce.
092  NOWADAYS. Wyth all my herte, ser, yf I may yow avaunce.
093  3e may assay be a lytyll trace.
094  NOUGHT. 3e, ser, wyll 3e do well,
095  Trace not wyth žem, be my cownsell,
096  For I haue tracyed sumwhat to fell;
097  I tell yt ys a narrow space.

098  But, ser, I trow of ws thre I herde yow speke.
099  NEW GYSE. Crystys curse hade žerfor, for I was in slepe.
100  NOWADAYS. And I hade že cuppe in my honde, redy to goo to met.
101  Therfor, ser, curtly, grett yow well.
102  MERCY. Few Wordys, few and well sett!
103  NEW GYSE. Ser, yt ys žw new gyse and že new jett.
104  Many wordys and shortely sett,
105  Thys ys že new gyse, euery-dele.

106  MERCY. Ladt, helpe! how wrechys delyte in žer synfull weys!
107  NOWADAYS. Say not ageyn že new gyse nowadays!
108  žou xall fynde ws schrewys at all assays.
109  Be ware! 3e may son lyke a boffett.
110  MERCY. He was well occupyede žat browte yow brethern.
111  NOUGHT. I harde yow call New Gyse, Nowadays, Nought," all žes thre togethere.
112  Yf3e sey žat I lye, I xall make yow to slyther.
113  Lo, take yow here a trepett!

115a MERCY. Say me yowr namys, I know yow not.
115b NEW GYSE. New Gyse, I.
115c NOWADAYS. I, Nowadays.
115d NOUGHT. I, Nought.
116  MERCY. Be Jhesy Cryst žat me dere bowte
117  3e betray many men.
118  NEW GYSE. Betray! nay, nay, ser, nay, nay!
119  We make them both fresch and gay.
120  Buy of yowr name, ser, I yow prey,
121  That we may yow ken.

122  MERCY. Mercy ys my name by denomynacyon.
123  I conseyue 3e haue but a lytyll fauour in my communycacyon.
124  NEW GYSE. Ey, ey! yowr body ys full of Englysch Laten.
125  Iam aferde yt wyll brest.
126  "Prauo te", quod že bocher onto me
127  When I slale a leg of motun.
128  3e are a stronge cunnyng clerke.
129  NOWADAYS. I prey yow hertyly, worschyppull clerke,
130  To haue žis Englysch mad in Laten:

131  "I haue etun a dyschfull of curdys,
132  Ande I haue schetun yowr mowth full of turdys."
133  Now opyn yowr sachell wyth Laten wordys
134  Ande sey me žis in clerycall manere!
135  Also I haue a wyf, her name ys Rachell;
136  Betuyx her and me was a gret batell;
137  Ande fayn of yow I wolde here tell
138  Who was že most master.

139  NOUGHT. Thy wyf Rachell, I dare ley twenti lyse.
140  NOWADAYS. Who spake to že, foll? žou art not wyse!
141  Go and do žat longyth to žin offyce:
142  Osculare fundamentum!
143  NOUGHT. Lo, master, lo, here ys a pardon bely-mett.
144  Yt ys grawntyde of Pope Pokett,
145  Yf ye wyll putt yowr nose in hys wyffys sockett,
146  3e xall haue forty days of pardon.

147  MERCY. Thys ydyll language 3e xall repent.
148  Out of žis place I wolde 3e went.
149  NEW GYSE. Goo we hens all thre wyth on assent.
150  My fadyr ys yrke of owr eloquence.
151  žerfor I wull no lenger tary.
152  Gode brynge yow, master, blyssyde Mary
153  to že number of že demonycall frayry!

154  NOWADAYS. Cum wynde, cum reyn,
155  Thow I cumme neuer ageyn!
156  že Deull put out both yowr eyn!
157  Felouse, go we hens tyght.
158  NOUGHT. Go we hens a deull wey!
159  Here ys že dore, her ys že wey.
160  Farwell, jentyll Jaffrey,
161  I prey Gode gyf yow now goode nyght!
161a Exiant simul. Cantent


Specimen: Mankind