Le Morte Darthur (Book III, Chapter 1)
In the begynnynge of Arthur, after he was chosen kyng by aduenture and by grace, for the most party of the barons knewe not that he was Vther Pendragons sone, but as Merlyn made it openly knowen. But yet many kynges and lordes helde grette werre ayenst hym for that cause, but wel Arthur ouercame hem alle, for the mooste party the dayes of his lyf was ruled moche by the council of Merlyn.
Soo it fell on a tyme Kyng Arthur sayd vnto Merlyn, my barons wille lete me haue no rest but nedes I must take a wyf, and I wylle none taken but by thy counceill and by thyne aduys. It is wel done, said Merlyn, that ye take a wyf, for a man of your bounte and noblesse shold not be without a wyf. Now is ther ony that ye loue more than another? Ye, said Kyng Arthur, I loue Gweneuer.

Le Morte Darthur (Book XXI, Chapter 4)
Thenne the kyng gate hys spere in bothe his handes and ranne toward Syr Mordred cryeng, tratour, now thy deth day come! And whan Syr Mordred herde Syr Arthur, he ranne vntyl hym with his swerde drawen in his hande. And there Kyng Arthur smote Syr Mordred vnder the shelde wyth a foyne of his sperethorughoute the body more than a fadom. And whan Syr Mordred felte that he had hys dethes wounde, he thryst hymself wyth the myght that he had vp to the bur of Kyng Arthurs spere. And right so he smote his fader Arthur, wyth his swerde holden in bothe his handes, on the syde of the heed, that the swerd persyd the helmet and the brayne panne, and therwythall Syr Mordred fyl starke deed to the erthe.
And the nobyl Arthur fyl in a swoune to the erthe, and there he swouned oftetymes.

Specimen: Sir Thomas Malory
Sir Thomas Malory