The Siege of Thebes

Whan brighte phebus passed was the ram
Myd of Aprille and into bole cam,
And Satourn old with his frosty face
In virgyne taken had his place,
Whan Aurora was in the morowe red,
And Iubiter in the Crabbes Hed
Hath take his paleys and his mansioun,
the lusty tyme and Ioly fressh Sesoun;
Whan that Flora, the noble myghty quene,
The soyl hath clad in newe tendre grene,
With her floures craftyly ymeynt,
Braunch and bough with red and whit depeynt,
Fletinge the bawme on hillis and on valys:
The tyme in soth whan Canterbury talys
Complet and told at many sondry stage
Of Estatis in the pilgrimage.
(Vv. 1-4, 8-20)

The Temple of Glas

For thought, constreint and greuous heuines
For pensifhede, and for high distres,
To bed I went nov this othir nyght
Whan that Lucina with her pale light
Was ioyned last with Phebus in Aquarie,
Amid Decembre, when of Ianuarie
Ther be kalendes of the nwe yere,
And derk Diane, ihorned, nothing clere,
Had hir bernys undir a mysty cloude:
Within my bed for sore I gan me shroude,
Al desolate for constreint of my wo,
The longe nyght waloing to and fro,
Til atte last, er I gan taken kepe,
Me did oppresse a sodein dedeli slepe,
Within the which me thoughte that I was
Rauysshid in spirit in a temple of glas.
(Vv. 1-16)

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Specimen: John Lydgate
John Lydgate