The Book of Margery Kempe

Here bgynnyth a schort tretys and a com-fortabyl for synful wrecchys, wher-in žei may haue gret solas and comfort to hem and vndyrstondyn že hy & vnspecabyl mercy of ower souereyn Sauyowr Cryst Ihesu, whos name be worshepd and magnyfyed wythowten ende, žat now in ower days to vs vnworthy deneth to exercysen hys nobeley & hys good-nesse. Alle že werkys of ower Saviowr ben for ower exampyl & instruccyon, and what grace žat he werkyth in any creatur is ower profyth yf lak of charyte be not ower hynder-awnce. And žer for, be že leue of ower mercyful Lord Cryst Ihesu, to že magnyfying of hys holy name, Ihesu, žis lytyl tretys schal tretyn sumdeel in parcel of hys wonderful werkys [...] (Chapter I, 1-14).

On a tyme, as žis creatur was at Cawntyrbery in že Cherch a-mong že monkys, sche was gretly despysed & repreuyd for cawse sche wept so fast bithyn of že monkys & prestys & of seculer men ner al a day bože a-for-noon & aftyr-noon, also jn so mech žat hyr husbond went a-way fro hir as he had not a knowyn hir & left hir a-loon a-mong hem, cheys hir as sche cowde, for ožer comfort had she noon of hym as žat day. So an eld monk whech had ben tresowrer wyth the Qwen whyl he was in seculer clothyng, a riche man, & gretly dred of mech pepyl, toke hir be že hand, seying vn-to hir, "What kanst žow seyn of God?" "Ser," sche seyth, 'I wyl bože speke of hym & heryn of hym, " rehersyng že monk a story of Scriptur. The monke seyd, "I wold žow wer closyd in an hows of ston žat žer no man speke wyth že. (Chapter XIII, 18-33).

Specimen: Margery Kempe
Margery Kempe