(1088 Vv.)


  • Preface, Temporal Rulers, The Church, The Commons, Nabugodonosor, Four Monarchies

Book I:

Love (3425 Vv.)


  • Introduction (Venus - Genius - Confession)
  • Sins of seeing and hearing
  • The five ministers of Pride (Hypocrisy, Inobedience, Presumption, Avantance, Vainglory)
  • Humility is Pride's remedy

Book II:

Envy (3530 Vv.)


  • Detraction, Fals Semblant, Supplantation
  • Charity is set against Envy

Book III:

Wrath (2774 Vv.)


  • Wrath is the enemy of Patience
  • Melancholy, Cheste, Homicide
  • Set Pity against Wrath

Book IV:

Sloth (3692 Vv.)


  • Lachesce, Pusillanimity, Forgetfullness, Negligence, Idleness, Somnolence, Tristece

Book V:

Avarice (7844 Vv.)


  • Midas, Tantalus, Jealousy, Vulcan & Venus
  • The religions of the world
  • Coveitise, Perjury, Usury, Scarceness, Ingratitude, Ravine, Robbery, Stealth, Sacrilege
  • Largesse is Avarice's enemy

Book VI:

Gluttony (2440 Vv.)


  • Drunkenness, Delicacy, Sorcery

Book VII:

Aristotle and Alexander (5438 Vv.)


  • Theoric, Rhetoric, Practic
  • Largess, Justice, Pity, Chastity

Book VIII:

Conclusion (3172 Vv.)


  • The Laws of Marriage
  • Examples of Incest
  • Conclusion

Survey: Confessio Amantis