Confessio Amantis

Bot for men sein, and soth it is,
That who that al of wisdom writ
It dulleth ofte a mannes wit
To him that schal it aldai rede,
For thilke cause, if that ye rede,
I wolde go the middel weie
And write a bok betwen the tweie
Somewhat of lust, somewhat of lore,
That of the lasse or of the more
Som man mai lyke of that I wryte:
And for that fewe men endite
In oure Englissh, I thenke make
A bok for Engelondes sake,
The yeo sextenthe of kyng Richard.
(CA, Prol. Vv. 12-15)

To King Henry IV: In Praise of Peace

My worthi liege lord, Henri be name,
Which Engelond hast to governe and righte,
Men oghten wel thi pite to proclame,
Which openliche in al the worldes sighte
Is schewed with the help of god almighte,
To give ous pes, which long hath be debated,
Wherof thi pris shal nevere ben abated.
And to thin erthli pris, so as y can,
Which everi man is holde to commende,
I, Gower, which am al thi liege man,
This lettre unto thin excellence y sende,
As y which evere unto my lives ende
Wol praie for the stat of thi persone
In worschipe of thi sceptre and of thi throne.
(Vv. 358-64, 372-78)

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