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Multimedia Chaucer:

  • Chaucer Studio
    (Cassette recordings of Chaucerian and other Middle English texts
    available for purchase and in FB Ang)
  • Canterbury Tales Project (CD-ROM) - De Montfort University site
    (avalable in FB Ang)
  • Book of the Duchess on CD-ROM, ed. Murray McGillivray, U. of Calgary
    (ordered for FB Ang)

  • Chaucer's Life and Times
    . Reading: Primary Source Media 1995. (ISBN: 0-86257-175-8) (contains Riverside Chaucer). (CD-ROM)
    (available in FB Ang)

  • Time, Life & Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (c.1340-1400). Power CD, Zane Publishing, Inc. 1995.
    (CD-ROM available at Ang 1)

  • The Canterbury Tales I and II (video)
    An Emmy Award-winning adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer's classic literary work that incorporates model animation.
    Volume I includes The Nun's Priest's Tale, The Knight's Tale and The Wife of Bath's Tale.
    Volume II includes The Merchant's Tale, The Pardoner's Tale and The Franklin's Tale. Part of the multi-volume World Literary Classics Series

    (N.B. Word has it that this version is in modern English but that the same videos in Middle English are available through
    Two clips can be watched at LibraryVideo
    (Use site's search facilities for "Chaucer")
    (ordered for FB Ang)
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