Lexicon in Focus

Barbara Stiebels and Dieter Wunderlich (eds.).

Berlin: Akademie Verlag 2000 (Studia grammatica 45)


Barbara Stiebels and Dieter Wunderlich
Introduction 1

Sharon Inkelas
Phonotactic blocking through structural immunity 7

Cemil Orhan Orgun and Ronald Sprouse
Understanding ungrammaticality 41

Janet Grijzenhout and Martin Krämer
Final devoicing and voicing assimilation in Dutch derivation and cliticization 55

James P. Blevins  
Markedness and blocking in German declensional paradigms 83 <Since the shaded cells are not always visible in the printed version, we make this article also available as [pdf file]>

Carsten Steins
How to account for non-concatenative phenomena in a morpheme-
based theory 105

Stephen R. Anderson
Some lexicalist remarks on incorporation phenomena 123

Elisabeth Löbel
Case alternation in Finnish copular constructions 143

Gisbert Fanselow
Optimal Exceptions 173

Barbara Stiebels
Linker inventories, linking splits and lexical economy 211

Dieter Wunderlich
Predicate composition and argument extension as general options
- a study in the interface of semantic and conceptual structure 247

Addresses of contributors 271