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Local copy of documentation for the Mercury Logic Programming Language
Phase transitions in constraint satisfaction search
The Computation and Language E-Print Archive
The Rutgers FTP archive
Logic Programming at T.J. Watson Research Center
Computational Phonology
IMS Stuttgart
The World Factbook 1994
The Algorithm, Inc. Home Page
The Ray Tracing Home Page
Center for the Study of Language and Information (Stanford University)
Princeton University Libraries Home Page
Stefan Müller, Computational Linguistics, HU Berlin
The LeanTaP Predicate Logic Theorem Prover Home Page
Edith Kaan, Psycholinguistics at Groningen/NL
BCN Linguistics
Eritrea Information Network
Bereichsbibliothek Informatik Dortmund
German internettable library catalogues
Big Electronic Library Catalogue (BW/Rh.Pfalz/Saarl./Sachsen)
Prolog Resource Guide
FAQ: Free Prolog Implementations
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna
African Studies WWW at UPenn
Eritrea Page of African Studies at U Penn
Eritrea Page of Daniel Yacob
Ethiopic Multi-Lingual EMACS Resource Page
Eritrea Development and Information Network (Martin Roescheisen,host)
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
SRI Cambridge Technical Reports
The LaTeX2HTML Translator
Mark Ellisons's pointers for HTML and WWW
SICS software (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)
Satellite Weather Pictures
The Human-Languages Page
German News 1995
Oxford University Computing Services
The Comp Phon Environment: The Engine Tutorial
YorkTalk Home Page
SPARC Solaris 2.X binaries
XDenu Linux-based Xterminal Software for PCs
University of Cologne
WWW-related infos University of Cologne
Fidel (Ethiopic Alphabet) Resource Page
A short Hypertext-Ultimedia demonstration!
Query Interface to the Linux Software Map Harvest Broker
Library of the University of Duesseldorf
Hebrew: A Living Language
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Linux Software Map
IPOX:Declarative Metrical Phonology and Speech Synthesis
comp.speech WWW Site
Computational Phonology Bibliography

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