Postdoctoral Researcher (Dr. rer. nat) in Computational Linguistics
(group headed by Laura Kallmeyer)
Abteilung für Computerlinguistik
Institut für Sprache und Information
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Universitätsstr. 1
40225 Düsseldorf

Phone: (Building 23.21, 4th floor, room 43)
+49 211 8112307

NOTE: In September 2012 I left this group and now work in industry. Some parts of this page, in particular the download section, are still updated.

Research Interests

I am interested in various problems in applied optimization and artificial intelligence:

  • Automatic Natural Language Translation
    • Word Alignment
    • Translation: single word and phrase based approaches
    • Hierarchical and grammar based Approaches
  • Monolingual Natural Language Processing
    • Parsing and Automatic Grammar Induction
    • Parts of Speech (POS) Tagging
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
    • Image Segmentation
    • Motion Estimation and Segmentation
    • Shape Priors and Shape Similarity Measures
    • Tracking Deformable Objects
    • Stereo Disparity Estimation
    • Layer Decomposition and Structure from Motion
    • Curvature Regularity
    • Image Inpainting
  • Optimization Methods and Problems
    • Graph-based Methods
    • Linear and Integer Linear Programming
    • Continuous Optimization
  • Graphical Models / Markov Random Fields / Exponential Families:
    • MAP estimation
    • Estimation of marginals and cumulant functions


Previously, I was with the University of Pisa, Italy. And before that, I was at Lund University, Sweden.

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