Compact Course:
Introduction to Computational Linguistics

Date: Riga, 28 November - 1 Dezember 2008
Lecturer: Wiebke Petersen ( Pawel Sirotkin

Content: announcement, slides, software, links, literature.

Announcement (in Latvian)

Computational Linguistics (CL) is concerned with the computational aspects of human languages. It is an interdisciplinary field between linguistics and computer science. The aim of CL is to provide computational models of various kinds of linguistic phenomena in order to get computers to perform various tasks with human languages, i.e., to use natural language as input, output, or both. Possible topics include parsing, grammar induction, information retrieval, and machine translation. The course will be concerned with both the formal foundations of CL and their practical applications.

The following subjects will be covered (provisional):
The courses will be at beginners level.




  • Finite State Technology
  • Literature