Extract from:

Knut J. Olawsky, Collection of materials for the first conference of the Dagbani Orthography Committee in Tamale. Unpublished ms. Tamale/Düsseldorf, 1996.


1. Invitation letter (Sample)


Dear Sir/Madam,


Tamale Worker`s College

5. Octobre 1996

We wish to invite you to participate in the above mentioned workshop.

Recent materials published by various institutions and authors have shown that different conventions are being used for the writing of the Dagbani language.

The aim of the meeting is to help us come out with standardized conventions for the Dagbani orthography.

Your presence and participation or contribution are very important.

The organizers of the workshop would want you to present a paper during the meeting on ______________________. It should last not more than 20 minutes.

Hoping you would cooperate with us to make this a success.


Issahaku Alhassan (Legon/Winneba),

Knut J. Olawsky (Legon/Duesseldorf)


2. Programme (as performed)


Tamale Worker's College

Saturday, 5. Octobre 1996

Time        Programme                 Speakers            Chairman            


8.00-9.00   Registration                                                      


9.00-10.00  Welcome address           (M.D. Sulley)       Chairman: L.A.      


10.00-11.00 Challenges of Dagbani     (R.M. Yahaya)                           


11.30-13.00 Some orthographic         (Rev. D. Wumbee,                        
            conventions used in the    J. Nindoo)                             
            New Testament                                                     



14.00-16.00 Orthographic tendencies                       Chairman:           
            in other Dagbani                              Rev. D. Wumbee      
            publications:             (R.M. Yahaya)                           
            - Orthographic            (A. Bawa)                               
            development               (A. Issa)                               
            - School for Life         (I. Adams)                              
            - B.G.L.                  (H. Korten)                             
            - N.F.E.D.                                                        
            - D.L.P.                                                          


16.00-17.00 Main differences and      ( K.J. Olawsky)                         
            decisions which have to                                           
            be taken                                                          


17.00-18.30 Discussion                (A. Issahaku)       Chairman:           
                                                          T. Sulemana         


19.30-21.00 Evaluation and future     (P.                                     
            perspectives              Herbert/GILLBT,                         
                                       Dr. S.K. Bemile,                       
                                       Dr. A. Nasser)                         



3. List of participants

Adisa Mukaila, Lis       School for Life           

Albert A. Alhassan       Gambaga District          
                         Education Office          

Alexandra Miehling       Universität Mainz         

Asumah Issah             BGL                       

Bawa Abu-Bakari Sibdoo   GES                       

Fuseini                  NFED                      

Hanneke Korten           DLP, GILLBT               

I.N. Iddi                BGL                       

Iddrisu Adam             Reg. Education Office     

Imoro Salamatu           Zogbeli JSS 'B           

Issahaku Alhassan        UCEW, Ghanaian Language   
                         Dept. (Dagbani)           

Karimu A. Mohammed       Bagabaga Training         

Knut J. Olawsky          Universitaet              
                         Duesseldorf, Allg.        

Lawrence A. Iddi         BGL                       

M. Dauda Sulley          University of Ghana,      
                         Language Centre           

Nabila Joseph            Kumbungu SSS              

Osman Baba Alhassan      Kalpohin Anglican JSS     

Pat Herbert              GILLBT                    

Rev. Daniel Wumbee       OTTC                      

Roland M. Yahaya         DNK, GDCP                 

Susanne Neymeyer         PH Freiburg               

Tia Sulemana             Information Service       

Tony Naden               GILLBT Walewale           


4. List of elected members for Dagbani Orthography Committee



Tia Sulemana             Information Service       Box 55, Tamale.          

Rev. Daniel Wumbee       OTTC                      Box 270, Tamale.         

Lawrence A. Iddi         BGL                       Box 177, Tamale.         

Asumah Issah             BGL                       Box 177, Tamale.         

Hanneke Korten           DLP, GILLBT               Box 378, Tamale.         

Fuseini                  NFED                      Tamale                         

Roland M. Yahaya         DNK, GDCP                 Box 764 Tamale.          

Bawa Abu-Bakari Sibdoo   GES                       Box 7, Yendi.            

Issahaku Alhassan        UCEW, Ghanaian Language   South Campus, Box 25,    
                         Dept. (Dagbani)           Winneba.                 

M. Dauda Sulley          University of Ghana,      Box 119, Legon - Accra.  
                         Language Centre                                    

Knut J. Olawsky          Universitaet              Universitaetsstr. 1,     
                         Duesseldorf, Allg.        D-40225 Duesseldorf,     
                         Sprachwissenschaft        Germany