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[ Non-fiction books ]

Picturebooks -
look closely to see it all!


Nominated for Capitol Choices 2016 (USA)

In the New World
Nominated for the Youth Non-Fiction Award 2013

The Meadow

The Street. A pictorial journey through 100 years.



In the New World

The Meadow

The Street
in Chinese

These are books on historical subjects in the series
Children know more!”.
Click on the titles for more information.

New 2018: All books of the series in Chinese

Knights (Minibook)

Knights of the Castle
Knights of the Castle

Pirates on the High Seas
Pirates on the
High Seas

A visit to the Native Americans
A visit to the Indians

Life among the Romans
Life among the Romans

Life amongst the Vikings
Life amongst the Vikings

Visiting the Egyptians
Visiting the Egyptians in Spanish

Stone-Age Man
Stone-Age Man
in Catalan

Enjoyable books for the whole family with recipes, stories and more.


More non-fiction books

The Big Book of Easter

The Big Family Book of World Religions
World Religions

The Big Family Book of Festivals and Customs
Festivals & Customs

Festivals & Customs
nominated for the German Children's Literature Award 2006






[ Fiction and Picture Books ]

Historical whodunnits for young sleuths who don’t want to be groping in the dark any longer.

New 2018: ”The Missing Papyrus” and “Skandal in Olympia” in Turkish

The Pharao's Golden Casket (Ancient Egypt)

The Sign of the Strange Knight. Historical Whodunnit, Middle Ages

The Garnet Book. Historical Whodunnit, Middle Ages

The Magic Mask. dtv Tiger Eye - Ancient Greece


The Golden Casket
in Turkish

The Sign of the
Strange Knight

The Missing Papyrus

The Magic Mask
in Chinese

Picturebooks -
exciting stories about puzzling facts.

New 2018: “Welcome to the Library” in Chinese

Welcome to the Theatre!
Nominated for the Youth Non-Fiction Award 2012

Welcome to the Library!
Nominated for the Youth Non-Fiction Award 2010

Welcome to the Palace!

Nanuk Flies Home

Best Children's Books of the Year 2009 &
Winter Spotlight Book 2011  (USA)

And: Lesemaus and Pixi-Stories.

New 2017: “A Day at the Castle” in Dutch
New 2017: At a Knight’s Castle
New 2018: “Then and now”-series in Polish

More fiction and picture books

At a Knight’s Castle

A Day at the Castle
in Dutch

On a Farm then and now

Vehicles then and now






[ Translations ]

Wonderful stories and non-fiction books written by British and American authors.


Magician's House: The Steps up the Chimney.

The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn
Four Children’s tie-in Books to the Spielberg-Movie

The Werewolf Handbook: An Essential Guide to Werewolves And, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them

CodeQuest Hieroglyphs - Knack den Code Hieroglyphen

More translations

Das Haus des Magiers (English title: Magician’s House)

Das Geheimnis der Einhorn (English title: The Secret of the Unicorn)

Geheimwissen Werwölfe (English title: The Werewolf Handbook)

Knack den Code: Hieroglyphen
(English title: Code Quest: Hieroglyphs)






[ The Author ]

Some information about the author.
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[ Illustrators ]

Books are perfect, when texts and pictures complement one another. These are the artists of this site’s books. Have a look ...

Illustrators. Picture: Clown Grock, painted by Markus Grolik








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