Here are some recent papers and talks. Earlier publications (mainly on Bulgarian language) will be added later.

  • Bontcheva. Syncretism and How to Deal with it in a Morphological Analyzer: a German Example. The 11th International Conference on Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing (FSMNLP 2013, July 15-17, 2013, St Andrews, Scotland (UK))
  • Bontcheva, Kimm, Mamerow. Integrating grammatically relevant lexicalized meaning into morphological analyzers. International Interdisciplinary Conference "Concept Types and Frames in Language, Cognition, and Science" (CTF’12), August 22-24, 2012, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Bontcheva. Integrating Aspectually Relevant Properties of Verbs into a Morphological Analyzer for English. Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing, 30-34. (FSMNLP 2012, July 23-25, 2012, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain)
  • Kilbury, Bontcheva, Mamerow, Samih. Historical-Comparative Reconstruction in Finite-State Technology. Ninth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation, September 26-30, 2011, Kutaisi, Georgia
  • Kilbury, Bontcheva, Samih. FTrace: a Tool for Finite-State Morphology. Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing, 88-92. (FSMNLP 2011, July 12-15, 2011, Blois, France)
  • Kilbury, Bontcheva. Some Empirical Aspects of Verb Inflection in Bulgarian and German. (Talk at Surrey Linguistic Circle, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, 16.02.2005)
  • Kilbury, James and Katina Bontcheva. Historical-Comparative Reconstruction and Multilingual Lexica. Papillon 2004, 5th workshop on Multilingual Lexical Databases, 30.08 - 01.09.2004, Grenoble, France
  • Bontcheva, Katina and James Kilbury. An Inheritance-Based Description of Bulgarian Noun Inflection, Workshop on Balkan Language Resources and Tools, 21 November 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece (satellite event to the Balkan Conference on Informatics - BCI 2003)
  • Lauri Carlson (University of Helsinki), Katina Bontcheva, Timo Järvinen, Mirkka Soininen, Pasi Tapanainen (Conexor Oy), Kimmo Huovila, Kaarina Hyvönen, Pekka Rapinoja (Kielikone Ltd). The Incredible Machine: English-Finnish Machine Translation from Prefabricated Components. (
  • Katina Bontcheva. Two-Level Description of the Verbal Inflection in the Contemporary Bulgarian. (unpublished paper)

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