freie forschung


  • invite people to work with you on your projects !
  • allocate responsibilities according to researchers' subjects of interest !
  • make it public: share your projects with the world and make extensive use of shared projects !


  • be an expert in your fields of research, help others who are not !
  • explore new grounds, access new areas of analysis !
  • meet scientists, meet students, make contacts !


  • increase sciences' performance and your own at the same time ...
  • ... and do it in a way that feeds the ethics !
  • explore others' projects, learn while teaching, profit from a networkwithout restrictions !


  • use & share of scientific programming - we employ tools !
  • neuroscience? quantum physics? find the right person to answer your question !
  • our grants are your grants, open research and open finance !

Coming soon!

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